Clearing things up…a trip to the library

Progress, progress, progress. A bit like education, education, education (if you know what reference that’s from, fair enough). The point is, that every single little thing, every tiny step made, constitutes as progress. Since my last update, I’ve only written another 10,000 words, (15,000 from the big 100k), which may seem like a lot, but when you look at what happens in those 10,000 words, it’s only marginal progress that helps with the story’s build-up. Little details that are needed, carefully articulated to make sure that you’re engaged when the book is eventually finished (not for a long time, but that’s why this blog exists). So, in terms of what other progress as been made, lets look at it from the outset, the bigger picture, without giving too much away…

I booked a library study room for a couple of hours today;┬áme and my girlfriend (editor and critique), set to work to plan out what will happen in the book (in it’s simplest terms). It took a while for her to understand the main and back plot, at which point, we decided it would be a good idea to create subplots, only focusing on one main plot in each book (sounds simple enough…for sure?). However, at the same time I need to explain the crucial backstory about why and how these events are taking place (and believe me, it’s big, slightly convoluted, but coherent backstory, which, if executed well, will probably jolt a few minds), making the readers think; OMG! Yeah, that totally makes sense! But it’s big. That’s the issue, it’s big, and needs to be carefully put together making sure that every detail, and event, fits together, so when you come to read the first couple books (maybe three), it’ll all make sense, and you won’t be sitting there thinking “what? why is that happening? and for what reason?”. Everything needs a reason, and a good reason as well. (The English thesaurus has some pretty good words that can be used for reasons…jealousy and zealous are too good ones…just saying).

The fundamental point, is that, even though I had created a detailed story-line, and had a good/vague idea of the initial process that was the precursor of the book, I was going on a “rampage” writing this book, with no solid and simple foundation of what backstory there was…the most fundamental part of writing a book! How could I have been so stupid as to assume people would know what the back plot would be? But hey, we all make mistakes once in a while, and now I have the opportunity to fix it, and create an effective piece of literature, that I hope people will enjoy when released!

In terms of other scenarios (the many characters, and their characters), needed some serious consolidation. I was explaining to my girlfriend about these certain characters, and what their beliefs and actions were, and she just simply said “what’s the point in that? how is that important to the story?”, and that got me thinking. So, back to the drawing board, and character pages…okay, simple critical analysis (cross referencing), who’s who, and who are people related? Ah, I have an answer, and the future events of the series fit the plot well…okay lets keep digging…found it! The same situation can occur, the same beliefs and actions, but just change the backstory slightly, and the family, and BINGO! we have a situation which has a solid answer, and a clear plot and motive! And best of all, it makes the story clearer, and in my opinion, a lot better and believable! Now it’s just down to me, not to cock it up! This shall be one hell of a thrill ride! But first, let’s edit the bits that need changing, and write the main plot!

Thanks Tas for taking the picture!


Right of Legions

This is a blog about my story(ies), and the story of its (their) development. As I explore a fantasy world I created in my head (or my Minecraft world), I want to understand and think about the story behind. This blog will be about my progress as I write my personal high-fantasy book series, ‘Right of Legions’.

Right of Legions – the beginning

It’s been 7 months since I started to write ‘Right of Legions’ (whenever I say that or write it, it’s always a tough twister), and I’ve never looked back…not for one second. Even though I’m doing a degree in Geography and go cycling quite often, I will always try and make time to write, after all, I want to share my ideas with people. Moving on, this is a blog about my progress writing the book, and hopefully, the series. I hope people get some sort of enjoyment from reading this, and following my progress, so without further ado, let’s describe the progress so far! Exciting, isn’t it!?

‘Right of Legions – A Monarch’s Gamble’ (the first instalment of the series), is currently at 250 pages, and 77600 words (pretty big…bigger than a dissertation). The build-up to one event has taken some time, which is some instances, can be boring, however, included in the 250 pages are different chapters relating to a different story, within the story (storyception!), which gives the book some more substance, rather than a build-up to one massive legislative scene, which will be the foundation for events to come; and that’s what this book is about, it may not seem like much, but trust me, the events, the actions off the characters, the characters, EVERYTHING, is imperative to the stories that have yet to come, and will hopefully make for some interesting, engaging, and possibly, thought provoking reading. There is still a lot to do (when looking at the story board, I’m not even halfway through!), but every detail, action, message conveyed in the book will mean that when new events occur, you will know whose side you’re on, and what you want to happen.

The characters’ list is extensive! I can’t tell you enough how much time I spent creating, and manipulating every character’s profile, trying to fit it in with the current narrative, without giving everything away! It is the most important part of the book. The characters, their actions, their beliefs, their morals, defy what the book is. If Jason Bourne (in the Bourne trilogy (one of my favourite series)) was just some random person, with a dull background, and had no morals, it wouldn’t be half as good as what it is!…and that’s what I’m trying to focus on in this book! (without having to make character descriptions for every chapter), is trying to build the characters, so you know, when you come to read it, who you love, and who you hate. And maybe, just maybe, when the series is complete, you’ll be able to write a piece of text about a single character. It will be interesting, it will be hard, it will be upsetting, but most of all, it will be enjoyable and fun!