Something a little different than writing…

Writing isn’t the only thing that I do which involves the making process of this book. There is also the need of a front cover, other little pictures, or emblems that may be included in the book. Luckily for me, I’ve got the hang of Photoshop, and for the past two days decided to draw and fill in colours, and use filters, to create a piece of artwork, which I’m happy to say, I’m proud of!

The process of doing this, wasn’t exactly straightforward! Firstly, there was the matter of my printer/scanner. Annoyingly, my printer is from the dark ages (or you’d think so), so I spent a good, painstaking hour how to figure out how to scan a document straight to my pc; obviously with modern printers, you’d do it wirelessly…THIS DOESN’T EVEN HAVE WIRELESS! So yeah, many trial and error attempts of downloading and installing various drivers to get the damn thing working…and yes, low and behold, it did…eventually. Now there’s the matter of the long, and painstaking process of creating a dragon…with scales.

It may not sound like much (oh a dragon, I could do that in my sleep), but let me tell you, this was a long task. First, I needed to create a scale, which looked metallic (trial and error), which was eventually achieved. Now, layers….and a load of them; and I’m not talking about 15-30, or 50, no, I’m talking about 800 layers! Each scale its own layer! And there are loads, and loads…see for yourself! Once that was finalised, keeping everything as consistent as possible, some tweaking needed to be done, as it didn’t look quite right. A tint of blue here and there, blurring the edges, smearing the scales from blue to grey…and BAM! we’re done!…now lets see what it looks like in plain black….

GREAT! I’ve just spent almost 7 hours on this thing, trying to make it look awesome, and it looks so much better in plain black! This isn’t fair…not one bit, and now I’m sad, but also happy. I like both pieces I’ve made, even though only one will be used in the book. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Fermata emblem! (it’s a dragon)

Now, you’re thinking, who on earth is/are these Fermata people…well, these “people” (great leaders), are part of the focal point in the book, and the backbone for the backstory, which is imperative to the entire series (no, seriously, refer to my last post, I had to really think about the back story). It just so happens they’re my favourite people in the book (along with quite a few others), but they’re also the first people I thought of when I decided to write. And the build-up to their being, is a lot…a lot to comprehend, a lot to take in, a lot to immerse yourself in the world of Faraday, and the lands of Pravum (I’ll let you comment to see whether you can work out what those two things are, I’m sure you can). I hope you like them, continue to follow for more updates.

Next post, most likely, the big 100k!


One Reply to “Something a little different than writing…”

  1. well as a fellow new writer and self-publisher and a few steps from my first publishing i realized that the writing is the easy part and about 30% of the whole process!
    best luck


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