An extract (exclusive to this blog)

As I said in my previous post (just a few minutes ago), I will post an extract on my current book, but a part that won’t be used (but still relevant). It was decided by me and my editor (girlfriend), that the beginning should either be deleted, or completely changed (either way, the beginning won’t exist in the book). So here it goes, this is the beginning of ‘Right of Legions – A Monarch’s Gamble’, the first part in the series! Enjoy!

“There is disbelief, anger, disturbance and corruption without the Realm”, a saying known throughout the world of Faraday. The Realm was once a respected leadership in the western region of Pravum, an authoritarian monarchy that listened and understood the problems that faced the people of Pravum. The creation of the Realm was a product of a war against an unfamiliar enemy from the unknown Underworld; the Bloodwalkers. Their uprising threatened to destroy the peaceful lands of Faraday and infect the world to become undying, blood and terror. The first threats were suppressed, but the Bloodwalkers were relentless and continued to rise, and soon overwhelmed the eastern region of Integer. The war lasted decades, millions of lives lost; innocents, soldiers, and the ever-wise Mages. It was not until the Dragons of Integer, were tamed by the first Guardian of the Realm that the world was at peace. The powerful family, the Fermata’s, set out to find more of the beasts, the flying gods of Faraday, to burn away the Bloodwalkers, and push them back to the underworld.

The war was won against the tainted. There was celebration and unity across the world regions after, and under the command of the Guardians, a world leadership was formed. Respected for their courage and valour against the Bloodwalkers, the Fermata’s reigned successfully for one-hundred years without hesitation. In response to their leadership and the defeat of the Bloodwalkers, the Stronghold of Praevalidus was built in Pravum. Which soon became the centre for the Forgemasters, leadership, scholars and construction of the Tower of Mages and Tower of Imperium.

One-hundred years of peace passed quickly, cities worked in coordination and harmony with each other, poverty declined, disastrous famines avoided, slavery abolished. The Fermata’s, a proud and noble family respected the opinions of others, and likewise, others respected them. The first age, the Guardian Age, was well and firmly established within society. Everyone understood their role, their place, their voice in the world. A fair justice system put in place, fair wages implemented, no-one knew, or could think of a better world than the one they lived in. But not everyone was satisfied.

House Ghadia, well known Masters of Integer, conspired against the Fermata’s, and after one-hundred years of peace, the Realm faced its second enemy. Word of a potential revolt against the Fermata leadership spread to Pravum. Apprehensive that war would begin after one-hundred years of peace; the Guardians of the Realm were sent to Integer City to deliberate a peace treaty. The Guardians never returned; war vaged once again in Faraday, and the soldiers from the Tower of Imperium were to be used against the rebellion. Fifty years of revolt, betrayal, sacrifice, and belligerence followed, resulting in Integer gaining independence and freedom from the Realm.

The Guardians and Fermata’s had lost Integer, and lost the war. Devastated that world unity had collapsed, the Fermata’s were determined to stop another civil war. What remained of the Realm was used in an attempt to unify Pravum, and peacefully supress any potential revolt that could happen. Another fifty years of peace for the Fermata’s, until one night, without any trace, or word, the remainder of the Guardians vanished. No one to this day understands why or where the Guardians went, but it was agreed within the Praevalidus high council that a new order should replace the missing Guardians. A unanimous agreement to form the Knights of Faraday were to replace the Guardians to keep peace and order in Pravum.

Let it be known, that this extract will not be in the book, but the story is true (but will be slightly amended – refer to previous post). Other than that, since I wrote this piece, I’ve come along way, and are 12 pages from 300, which is a massive achievement, for anyone!


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