Run Boy Run!

I realised that it will be a while before I hit the 100k mark (only just hit 90k words), which is still an achievement. So, to fill my time while I wait in my student house for the cooker to be replaced, living off pasta, rice, ready meals, (and whatever other foods that lurk in the back of my cupboard), I thought that it would be a good idea to post some more on this blog; specifically, more about the content of the book, to give you an oversight of what it to come. But, instead of just eating my pasta (I do eat more than that, and properly, but I can’t at the moment), I’ll post what will be deleted at the front of the book, and post it on here. It’s all still true to the book, but just won’t be used. But first, let me quickly run to Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available), grab some food (probably a Chinese), and post part of the book!


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