Walking while writing

I was walking back from my girlfriend’s house this morning, usually I’d be listening to music, but unfortunately, my headphones broke last week, and haven’t replaced them yet. What do I do instead of listening to some groovy tunes? Well, I’m writing a book for one, so might as well think of some content to put in it; be it character, scene, romance, items, you name it. In this particular instance, it was a scene that will occur in the second book. Why the specificity? Well, due to actions of certain characters, and the way the series has been planned out, I think it’s fair to had some specificity to create clarity…oh I like that!

This scene was between two characters (one male, one female), who, yes, are technically romantically involved, but are part of rival families (kind of). One character (female), is married to the enemy of the male, however, her family is a sworn allegiance to the male. Behind the scenes (which you will know about), there’s plans to overthrow the king, as events that have happened, haven’t gone to plan, so the logical thing to do is try and overthrow him, particularly when it’s personal.

It’s something that I like to do, quite often, since it’s probably the only time where I can think of nothing, or something of a particular interest. In this instance, it was between two characters, family allegiances, but one married to the enemy, creating tension, and everyone likes a bit of tension…apart from when I get carried away when thinking about my book, walking, and start to actually talk what I’m thinking, creating some odd looks by the people around me…yes that did happen, and quite a lot of the time when I do think about my book, walking to places, I mime or speak what is happening; while people look at me as if I was slightly insane.

Just annoying that I think of great speech and scenes, and don’t have my notebook with me to write it down…dammit!


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