The big 100k, and counting!

It’s taken long enough, lots of commitment and determination, but I’m here, finally at the 100,000 word mark, at 329 pages of writing, and things are really moving now! I’ve been working a lot on my degree recently, and getting some big cycling miles in, which is why I haven’t had the time to write, plus, I’ve been reading a lot, constantly trying to inspire myself to think of new, and grand ideas to put in my book. The review I posted on Saturday, of a book based in Naples, even though a semi-autobiography which I read about three weeks and a book ago, has also helped with some inspiration for some characters. Some focusing on their pride, love for their children, and to uphold their traditions and beliefs.

‘Right of Legions: A Monarch’s Gamble’, has hit a landmark point, with the two most powerful families in Pravum (Plysters and Fermatas) coming together to discuss the terms of the new Plysterian monarchy, to replace the governmental powers that are already in place. Whether it will work out is another question, but the main focal point at this current point in time, is the opinions of the characters, towards the opposing ideologies. With both families having advisors that are very passionate about their beliefs, and family traditions; writing it is incredibly fun, but also difficult. I need to make sure that you know, when you come to read the book, that you can tell the characters are incredibly passionate about their city, but also to make the treaties seem believable. You can’t write about how a family is incredibly strong-willed about something they believe in, and then sign a treaty, condemning them to be dictated by a bullish family, whose experience with leadership is minimalist compared to that of the former, is fine.

At the same time, as I’m about halfway through the chapter after the negotiations, writing about the two wives of the two family leaders, discussing things that aren’t necessarily important, I couldn’t help, but naturally write about their opinions of the Plysterian monarchy, and Maria’s (wife of Davos, head of the Plysters, leader of the family creating a monarchy), opinions of her husband, and her love for her children. There was one bit of speech which actually felt, genuinely heartfelt, and I felt sorry for a character I had created. It may sound slightly silly, but it’s true. I genuinely felt sorry for the position she was in, and Kerri (wife of Isaac Fermata, guys negotiating with the Plysters, trying to create an alliance and treaty between them), whose outcome, won’t be great, I felt even worse for. Just a purely innocent (word highly hyperbolic), conversation between the two, made me think about their story-lines, and it made me upset a little. I love writing about characters, especially if they’re interesting, and have a large part to play, but also because they’re parents, and I can imagine my mum saying some of the stuff I write.

Now, refer back to my book review (read it if you haven’t already), the lady in that book, I could clearly imagine, not because of the basic, realistic descriptions, but because of the mannerisms. The way in which she dealt with situations, spoke highly of her beliefs, the adventures, and arguments with her husband, her embracing an entirely new culture, made me realise how similar Kerri and this lady were in character. I must specify here, that I started writing my book way before I read ‘Only in Naples’, so I must confess, and be completely truthful with you, I did not base Kerri on the main character from the book, lets clear that. So, when writing this specific scene, made me realise, think about, and view characters in a different perspective, looking at the position they’re in now, in relation to what will happen in the future…in some respects, its very cheerful and compelling, in other respects, it’s quite upsetting, and shocking, which I’m not looking forward to. I suppose I feel this for most of my characters, the few that I don’t are either: a. boring, or b. I’ve thought about them too much. Which brings me to sleep…and lack of!

You’d think, as a Uni student, my life is quite lax, and easy. It’s far from..especially when writing a book…because I couldn’t go to sleep last night, as I kept thinking of ideas for the series, and making sure they fit…why I started thinking about this at half-past midnight last night, I do not know…because I needed to get up for 10am to meet a mate, to go cycling. I just love thinking about it, what’s going to happen, what’s happening, and how it all fits together! It’s such a wonderful thing to think about, and I love it dearly!

To finish off with, enjoy this piece of awesome music, which I have found a great love for when writing!


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