Pravum – the Central and Southern Reaches

Instead of writing, I thought about making a map of the main story plot would be a good idea. As a geographer, I love maps! They’re awesome and tell so much in such a finite space; and this map is no exception! Beneath, is a map of the Central and Southern Reaches of Pravum. Many of the places have Latin names (a beautiful language), giving cities and places meanings, relative to the way the book is formulated, and how these places have come into being. Praevalidus (the centre point of the book somewhat), means ‘Great’, (I know, it’s not very creative), but in the land of corruption (Pravum), Praevalidus is the great city and stronghold that the population looks/used to look up to. The scale of the map is based on how long it would take for a cavalcade to travel to and from places. So, averaging a pace of 2mph (walking), it would take roughly 40 days to get to Mountain Fall from Praevalidus. This is the main part of Pravum, with the Northern and Western Reaches being published soon.Pravum - Southern & Central Reaches (better).jpg

I know it seems strange, and slightly odd, for a writer to be producing this kind of thing, but sometimes I like doing something different, which also helps with the development of the story, but it does make writing a hell of a lot easier…especially when you’re writing about travelling and timescales. I’m quite fastidious about that sort of thing, making sure that events fit properly in the time allotted to them. This certain piece of work (on an unrelated note) took around an hour to make, first drawing the entirety of Pravum, then scanning, then splitting it, enlarging, then printing, drawing over it in a pen, then scanning….and the process goes on and on. Many parts to writing are, unfortunately, laborious, including scanning, but you have to admit, if it wasn’t for the boring parts, you wouldn’t appreciate the fun and exciting parts as much…especially when I added filters in Photoshop to make it look even more awesome, and like you’d find it in a book, or a map in the book’s time setting. The map, unfortunately, doesn’t include the Casbian Sea (to the left of Praevalidus), as I ran out of space…and forgot to include it. So, stroke of genius, I’ll put it into the western reaches map!…also forgot (rookie error, and stupid on my part since I’m a Geography student) to put a north arrow…North is up, east is right, west is left…and south is…well…


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