Weather conditions…the decider or a hindrance?

Weather, it changes, it’s indecisive, difficult to predict, and you only know what’s happening, when it’s happening. This is exactly what happened to me at the weekend. First race of the season, down in Devon. A 48 mile road race, with 79 other riders. Slightly crazy, especially when the weather isn’t completely ideal! 25 mph winds, with 40 mph gusts, made it a pretty difficult one. I’ve done the course before, and aced it! It was brilliant, and the conditions were far worse…but with less wind.

This makes me wander, the weather, in terms of battles and wars, is either the decider, or the hindrance. Of  course, in ‘Right of Legions’, there will be battles and wars, fights between people. Battles aren’t fought in massive hangers, or bunkers…maybe underground in caves, but mostly outside. So I thought of an idea, to try and make battles, and fight scenes more exciting, and wars prolonged, the weather has to change. Sometimes in favour of the enemy, sometimes in favour of the goodies. I won’t have battles always fought in gleaming sunshine, and great weather with no wind…that’s boring. Neither will I have battles always fought in the p*ssing rain, with stupid amounts of wind.

Instead, you can have compromises. Battles are fought instantly, it takes a large build-up, for each side to prepare for battle. A large piece of land, probably 20 mile squared, split down the middle by no-man’s land. The day before the wind was howling, the rain, hammering down on both camps, acute tapping sounds created by the impact of rain on exposed metal. Soldiers churning the wet ground into sticky sod and clay. More and more effort used to walk from one place to another…this it alright actually. Then, the next day, it’s gleaming sunshine, with little to no wind. BUT, the ground is still a cascade of viscous mud and water.

So, a decider, or hindrance, you decide…(excluding the quality and skill of the soldiers).


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