Pravum – finished map

In-between doing work, and going to go and get some paprika, I thought I should write a post, and do a bit of book stuff, since I haven’t done much recently. I’m not really in the right mood to write, so I decided to continue my map making…given that I’m supposed to be good at it (considering my degree subject). Here is Pravum, the main country in the book, where most events take place, which I’m currently focused on at the moment. I like what I’ve done with it, but comparing it with the Central and Southern Reaches maps, I’m not quite sure I REALLY like it, not as much as the other ones anyway. I tried to keep the same formatting, making it as consistent as possible, but annoyingly, because of my own stupidity, I didn’t save the Central and Southern Reaches map in a format which I could add and edit stuff (I merged the layers, so there’s no way to separate them). However, it is still an accurate representation of the book’s narrative and setting, and it also, greatly helps with writing, to know where places are, it’s really useful to plan out where characters are travelling to, how far, and how long it will take them.



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