‘Isaac & Kerrita Fermata’ – an excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

“In the leader’s quarters in the tallest spire of the Red Dragon Castle grounds, Isaac Fermata was standing on his balcony, looking out to the mouth of the southern sea. His body hunched over while his arms rested on balcony wall, hands clasped together. Dressed in his working outfit, consisting of dark brown leather clothing, with the long-sleeved shirt buttoned together down the middle and trousers held up by his black leather belt with his prized Steelium buckle. He wore black rough leather boots, the top of which was concealed by his straight fitted trousers, tightly laced up. A small, dark grey Steelium broach that emulated House Fermata’s insignia, was pinned on the top left of his shirt. Isaac had long black hair that lightly brushed his shoulders and black haired stubble which hid the advancing wrinkles that exposed his aging face. The black hair only marginally covered the growing grey strands of hair that caused a rising fear within that he was getting old, far too old to play this game. Alas, he was only fifty-one years of age; his experienced dark blue eyes, was the only feature that wasn’t becoming a hindrance from his aging. The eyes, one of the wisest of all, had seen battle, victory and defeat, adventure, hardship, and the birth of his children, his proudest moment in his life. Brought up and nurtured in Praevalidus, his children looked up to their father’s successful leadership, both in Praevalidus and in Pravum.
It was the mid-morning, on the first day of the week, Isaac’s wife Kerrita, was led in bed looking at her husband, the troubled leader of Praevalidus. Naked under a thick bed sheet, the hot summer had caused a complete change in bed sheets throughout the city, from thick duvets to crisp thin sheets.
Kerri Fermata, the proud and strong-willed wife of Isaac, had a slender figure, with long brown hair that stretched down to the mid part of her back, which covered her breasts, when positioned onto her chest. She had narrow, piercing, pecan eyes that concealed her ideas and opinions of others, but could cause much discomfort when scrutinizing people who she did not appreciate.
Glazing in anxiety at Isaac’s stature, she swung out of bed and walked over to embrace her husband. Putting her arms around Isaacs stomach, only slightly above his waist, she placed her head sideways on his back, pressing her chest up against his body.
‘I know you’re troubled my love,’ She spoke softly, but was concerned. ‘Whenever you’re troubled you stand on the balcony looking out to the sea, as it were a more beautiful view than I’. She was always supportive of her husband, even when he was all distant and dreamy like this.
‘These negotiations will decide the fate of the stronghold. My leadership may dwindle, Praevalidus under different command… it’s not the best situation I want to be in, nor is it one I would endorse to anyone,’ Isaac replied nervously. ‘If I am at all distant, my dear wife, I think that may have something to do with it.’
‘House Fermata will always stand tall and true to the real leader,’ Kerri’s tone hardened, trying to sound confident in her words. ‘The people will acknowledge that. They don’t like change… at least not to this extent’.
‘That’s true, but the Plysters are gaining momentum, getting stronger every day, and if they convince the people of the city that a new monarchy is the right decision to make, generations of endeavour and tradition will vanish into thin air…’
‘But they won’t,’ Kerri interrupted, ‘this may be the first time a legion as tried to impose a new leadership without force, but the people know what the Fermata’s have done for the common folk. They’re not to be treated like idiots, which is what the Plysters do,’ she protested.
Isaac turned around to face his beloved wife, ‘My allegiance will always be to my family, the people, and to Praevalidus, I will not back down and hand the city over to Davos without deliberation. We will have this new monarchy go in our favour one way or another!’
‘Your respect for the Guardians is like no other,’ she looked down then back up at Isaac mockingly, ‘Even I struggled to try to get myself noticed by you… I still do’.
They both laughed, ‘Well a little friendly competition can’t do any harm, can it?’ he replied in a teasing voice, bowing his head down to tentatively kiss his love. She took his hand and led Isaac to their bed, climbing back in to cover her naked body with the sheets.
‘I’ll get up when Liana comes in to get me ready.’
‘I’m speaking with Withal and Palt later to discuss the terms of our deal and how to prepare the city for their arrival.’
‘How about red carpet at the eastern gates, confetti, and maybe some announcing music?’ Kerri said sarcastically, positioning herself comfortably in bed.
‘I’ve got a funny feeling that might give off the wrong impression, they might think we actually want them here,’ letting out a small laugh
‘So just a welcoming party then?’ Kerri enquired
‘Most likely’.
‘Well, while we wait for our accomplices…’ Kerri said as she sat up, her hair over the front of her shoulders, trailing down to cover her breasts, ‘why don’t we calm ourselves down,’ gesturing for her husband to come and make love to her. Isaac turned to look at his compassionate wife who always supported him and his judgements, she was forty-nine years of age, and he still couldn’t resist her stunning beauty. He started his approach towards her.
‘Good idea…’ and he placed his hands on her cheeks, while she started unbuttoning his shirt, when suddenly, unannounced, there was a knock at the door, ‘…but…going have to be later tonight’, as he kissed her forehead and turned away and headed for the door. Kerri quickly tied her hair back and covered herself with the sheets as Isaac enquired who was at the door, ‘It’s Liana my lord,’ said the maid. Isaac opened the door and gestured for Liana to enter.
‘You haven’t been waiting too long have you Liana?’ Isaac queried.
‘No, not at all your Highness,’ Liana replied.
‘Okay then, I’ll leave you with Kerri then,’ as Isaac left, closing the door behind him.”

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