Anton Darus – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

Anton Darus, head principle of the Tower of Mages, was standing in the library keep in the Red Dragon Castle, looking at the Legacies of Pravum texts. It fascinated him that people forgot the times when dragons were free to roam in the sky, when the first man tamed a dragon and established the Guardians of the Realm, all dismissed as legends and myths in today’s world. He continued to look at the titles of each book until he arrived at Legion Treaties: A United Pravum. The A-Z book of all the different signed treaties by each and every legion in Pravum. The book was thick with signatures that swore different oaths to separate legions. In Anton’s mind, the book was a masterpiece, unique artwork that demonstrated the significance of unity within the western region; but he noticed something that he had not noticed before and he couldn’t understand why. A treaty signed by Edward Fermata, who established the Guardians of the Realm, almost three-hundred-and-fifty years ago, stated:
Article Two-hundred-and-forty-nine
Legion alliances can either by established through friendship, courtship, or from uniting in combat. Legions who are related are obliged to be united together in any circumstance and without hesitation, however close or distant the relation is, it is the family’s duty to uphold this union.
Signed: Edward Fermata
It wasn’t the treaty itself that caught Anton’s attention, it was the fact that only Edward had signed the treaty, whereas the rest of the articles were signed by all leaders of the nine legions. Anton quickly found a piece of parchment and wrote down the article to decipher it later on in the week. He sat down at one of the isle tables between two rows of bookshelves, while the soft light from outside illuminated the table and book in-front of him. How had he not noticed this before? Why was this so significant? And the biggest question of all, why had only Edward signed the treaty? He wanted to investigate further, find the records that contained all the main family trees, who courted who, who was born to who. This intrigued Anton a great deal, and it dawned on him that his sleep would certainly deteriorate because of it; but it gave him more of an excuse to visit Praevalidus Pearls, it’s not like this was uncommon, anyway.

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