Davos Plyster – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

On the long road from the central lands, where the one-hundred -and-fifty-year-old Mentior city lies, House Plyster were making their way to Praevalidus to deliberate the stronghold’s stance in the Plysterian monarchy. The party had been travelling for one-and-a-half weeks since they left Mentior, a city constructed in the wake of the Plysterian. Davos Plyster, heir to the Plysterian throne, was of average height, with a rounded, but not too large, belly, big arms, dark brown hair, and a short beard. His eyes a dark shade of brown, wide with a deceiving look, that also makes him look illustrious. He was a zealous and persuasive character who held firm on his beliefs and opinion, and ignores those who oppose against him when the matters are insignificant.
Davos was sitting inside the Plyster carriage along with his wife, Maria, in the convoy to Praevalidus which was scattered with soft red cushions, with a wooden floor and two patterned windows on either side of the carriage. He was very pleased with its construction and she was very grateful that he ordered for the carriage to be made, making long distant journeys somewhat comfortable. Both of them sat opposite each other, eating lunch; the usual rabbit and potato stew washed down with several glasses of wine. The couple lived a life of luxury.
The convoy was a collection of advisors, guardsmen, maids, and of course the family responsible for the creation of the Plysterian. It stretched back one-hundred metres on the southern roads, with all personnel on horseback, riding two abreast. Davos devoured his food, eating more than he could chew, his wife ate elegantly and made sure that she ate her food, rather than pasted it around her mouth.

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