A big thank you!

I’ve only been on wordpress for a couple of months now, and got a notification on the first week of March, saying that I had received 100 likes for my content! I know this, to some of you, may not be a big landmark, but for people to read, admire, and like my content and ideas means a lot! I’ve put so much effort into this project, and love every single moment when I’m writing! Obviously, I’m still going strong, releasing excerpts from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’ up to three times a week. They’ve been quite successful, getting quite a lot of views, but all I can say is a big thank you to everyone who has viewed my content, and liked it! As a small celebration, I am very excited and pleased to announce the title and front cover of the sequel to ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’. Everything in the first novel sets the scene for books to come. ‘Arrows of Fire’, will be mainly based in the Deep Woods, focusing on four characters. That’s all I’m saying, making it very ambiguous. So please, to all my followers, and people who like this post, enjoy the front cover for the next instalment of the ‘Right of Legions’ series.

Arrows of Fire


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