Back from fieldwork

So after a weeks vacation to Tenerife for fieldwork, I am back, and with a lot of inspiration with what I saw out there, and boy oh boy, did I see some awesome stuff! (probably because I do Geography). Going to places with exotic and exciting landscapes and landforms is by far, the best sort of inspiration you can have when writing a book, especially when you need to describe the scenery. It was amazing! I couldn’t be more happy if I tried! Looking around Mt Teide was absolutely mesmerising! The landscape was unbelievable, and complex, with the climate making it so much better! On one side of the island you have a vast, hyper-arid, sparse desert environment, then on the southern side, a myriad of vegetation, stretching so far! It was also amazing to see how the vegetation changed as you climbed the volcano (I won’t go into detail, since this is a blog about a book, not a scientific blog). The volcano was the best part (hence why I went to go and do my project up there), but also wanted to grab as many pictures as possible, since the landscape in Integer will almost certainly emulate that of Tenerife (scroll down, you’ll see what I mean). For all writers out there, imagination is great, but reality is even better where inspiration is concerned! Those who wish to write about places so exotic, so different, so out-of-this-world, I urge you, when considering your next holiday, don’t go to some extravagant city, or a place with a nice beach and climate, go somewhere that has amazing geography, geology, and geomorphology!

In the meantime, enjoy these images from my fieldwork trip!

(and a picture of me).


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