Maria Plyster – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

After a few hours of drinking and socialising, each party within the convoy went their separate ways to their tents. Davos and Ligal remained in the main tent drinking into the night. Maria knew that it would be hours until the two of them finished to rest for the night, which made her happy that she could spend some time alone, at least, that’s what most people thought. Before the drinking, Maria had talked with her bastard daughter, Raelyn, asking her how she was and whether Melissa or Nathanial were giving her a hard time along the journey. Even though Raelyn was a bastard, and children who were bastards were always treated badly and frowned upon, Maria loved her daughter dearly, and didn’t care about what others thought about their relationship. Raelyn was Maria’s most beautiful and loving child she had given birth to, and that’s what made Davos and the rest of the family hate her so much, because she was the smartest and most strong-willed. It infuriated Maria’s children that Raelyn was the best out of all of them, but she was only the best because of the way Maria had brought her up.
It was a little past ten o’clock, and Maria was undressing in her tent to rest for the night. Untying her boots and emerald green dress and placing them on a chair in the corner of her tent, she picked up her white nighty when there was a knock on the wooden post next to the tent flap. She spun round, a slight smile appearing, and a glimmer in her eye, she would not be spending the night alone. Maria walked over to the tent, and gently pealed part of the opening back to see who it was. She knew it wasn’t Davos, since he doesn’t know the courtesy of knocking, it was her assistant, hers and Davos’ horseman. Maria smiled at his presence and he bowed in respect of seeing her.

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