Nathanial Plyster – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

At daybreak, the convoy was in full flow. Maria and Davos were in their personal carriage, driven by her secret lover, the guards were on horseback bringing up the rear of the convoy, in-between the carriage and the front riders were various advisors to the Plysters, who were fundamental to Davos’ negotiations with the Fermata’s, and at the front of the convoy was Nathanial Plyster, Davos and Maria’s eldest son. Nathanial was a tall and proud man, whose appearance resembled many of his mother’s features, his personality emulating his father’s. Nathanial had light brown hair, that covered his temples, the top of his forehead and the top part of his ears. His blue eyes were deceiving, they gave the impression he was a soft and understanding character, but behind them, deviant and illustrious ideas that could cause so much calamity to Pravum. Davos was proud of his son, but continuously reminded him that the Fermata’s were not their enemy, but soon to be under their leadership.
Nathanial looked forward to the day that his family would become Pravum’s reigning monarchy. He had a lust for power and strived for it in any circumstance. The only problem in his life was his bastard sister. In his eyes, an ugly bitch who had no place in Pravum, and deserved to live in the dirty lands of Integer. How he hated her and her presence. But he hated the relationship between her and his mother. Nathanial often wandered how such an abomination entered the world through her, an attractive lady married to the must proud and zealous husband, with respectful children. He hated the fact that his mother had given birth to Raelyn. He hoped one day his father would force Maria to disown her, then the annoyance would no longer be around, even though Raelyn was riding at the back of the convoy, away from sight.
Riding alongside Nathanial was Davos’ personal advisor. Ligal and Nathanial had always been friends, Ligal took care of Nathanial whenever his parents were away from Mentior, or working and couldn’t offer the attention he needed. On many occasions Ligal would personally train Nathanial how to wield a sword and how to defend himself in dangerous combat situations. Nathanial was a natural at handling his sword, and Ligal was impressed by him. Ligal shared many stories with Nathanial, which further inspired him to become a conqueror and follow in his father’s footsteps. Ligal could be mistaken for Nathanial’s father if it were not for Davos’ existence. The pair trusted each other implicitly with personal opinions and stories of their activities when not attending their duties to Davos.

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