Just a quick one…

I’m writing this quick post, since I haven’t done an informative post for a while, and feel obliged to do so. Also, its quick cause I’m going to cook dinner in a sec, and rest my brain from writing! This is more of a quick update rather than a meaningful, sincere post about what I think about when writing.

So while I was in Tenerife, my editor had a look through what I had written, and completely scrutinised it! Which is a good thing! Some of the stuff I had recently written I felt wasn’t my best, although she did like my fight scene, yay! But anyway, the main part of the book (now being rewritten) was ripped to shreds as it wasn’t: A. Coherent, B. Engaging. I was told that she was lost and confused at quite a lot of it (bit concerning) with some parts having not enough emphasis, and other parts having to much, so a simple concept of give and take. It was clear to me where I went wrong, and what I should have done, which I suppose is a good thing, if I can acknowledge my work as not in-keeping with what I’ve already written. Another good skill to have, the ability to scrutinise your work, to make it as coherent as possible. Currently rewriting the negotiations, which happens to set the scene and foundations of the series, I feel more confident about what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it.

In terms of other parts of the book that were criticised, were things like: this has already been mentioned, why don’t you change this so it has a better effect, I thought this was this, why have you put this here, makes no sense. That sort of thing. I guess, as you progress with writing, and understand and acknowledge your writing style, you begin to realise how much you need to change in the early parts of your writing/book; and since I’m taking on a load of suggestions, I’ve changed quite a bit in the beginning. Thus, everything that I’ve posted (all the excerpts) from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’, will inevitably have been changed to sound more dramatic and engaging.

Sorry if you liked the excerpts before, but, I promise what has been scrutinised and edited, and edited again, will be better and more coherent! Exactly what I want!

Now to go and cook Rigatoni All’ Arrabbiata Con Salmone! Yummy!


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