Osgar Veart – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

The day was warm in Praevalidus, the population busy with their daily routine, many of whom work for the stronghold as either blacksmiths, hands of the council, or selling their own produce at the local markets. The city was a myriad of interactions and appointments, most notably in the underground city of Iron Fall. The mining city was built specifically to supply Praevalidus with building materials for new and improving constructions, and to mine the ore to create weapons, armour, utensils, and parts for farming equipment. Located directly beneath the stronghold, the mining city is renowned for its inhabitants; hardy, no-nonsense, and loyal attitude ensures that when work is needed, it is done swiftly and to the highest standard, there is nowhere else in Faraday like the underground city. The workers and families who live in Iron Fall are well respected by the ‘common surface folk’. Many of the people living in Iron Fall are shorter in stature, but are still as strong as those who live on the surface. The dwarfs are stubby, but incredibly strong and witty, with a die-hard attitude, they come across aggressive Sounds like a pleasant story to tell, and but, in reality, are the most loyal people found in Pravum. They are sometimes stubborn, and are often known to begrudge against the requests of the surfacers but, in truth, they enjoy the work and the tasks they are given.
Osgar Veart, the leader of Iron Fall and the most revered miner in the underground city, commands the mining parties in search for more materials and ores for weaponry, utility items, and for building more structures in Iron Fall and Praevalidus. His short stature matches his temper, when challenged or disagreed with, his calm attitude turns into a raging torrent of anger and frustration when he is not obeyed or listened to. Osgar earned his respect from his prestigious mining technique and achievement, starting his mining career from when he was just twelve, he excelled at finding ores, and picking the best places to mine, and, very quickly, earned much respect from the elder miners. Now, in his mid-forties, he still has his fuzzy brown beard that stretches down to his chest, short brown hair, and many scars across his face from mining accidents. Osgar is a distinguished and easily identifiable character, who still is one of the best miners in Iron Fall, although he spends a lot of time serving at the high council, he is the best representative for the people of the underground city. Whenever called upon in meetings, his loud, gruff voice is clearly understood and always listened to.
A new day had arrived for the mining city, with all the miners and inhabitants scurrying around to their work, Osgar was in his chamber waking up to a day he was resenting. His chamber was a large room, scattered in no particular order, with various objects he had found in his mining career. Items ranged from useless but attractive looking stones, to bones and special types of ores, which never really found a use. The room was an unordered mess of pickaxes, shovels, books, clothes, boots, and his beloved mining helmet, which he had forged himself at the Forgemasters’ Keep. He didn’t care about untidiness, it was his room, and in his mind, a place which didn’t have to be clean and tidy, just a place where he could offload and relax, and block out the world outside his door.

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