‘The Matarese Circle’ – this book will blow your mind if you love thrillers!

So today, I decided to finish reading, what is now one of my favourite books, ‘The Matarese Circle’ by Robert Ludlum. Now before I go any further, I need to specify that I have read his stuff before (the Bourne Trilogy) and that was fantastic. But this, this was on a new level! A completely new playing field, taking thrillers up to a new level.

His classic writing style is how I write, in a way, but not explicitly. The way he describes things, activities, scenes, thoughts and feelings, the way it flows is captivating. I found the Bourne books a struggle to get into, but once things started rolling, they really rolled. Well, for this book, things start rolling from about 75 pages in, and it draws you in further and further every time you start reading it.

The book is about an undercover, terrorist organisation, called the ‘Matarese’, formed long before the setting of the book. Two agents team up to try and take down this organisation before it becomes too powerful and influential in the global world of politics and global conglomerates.

That’s all I’m saying about the story.

It’s a must read for the thriller for those who like this kind of writing. The meticulous nature of the story makes your mind think for hours after, trying to piece together the puzzle, however, the story you put together is never going to be the real one. While you think something will happen, Ludlum draws you in further and further, catching your mind, making you think something, where actually, his writing deceives you, and you’re left there looking like an idiot. Yeah, it’s that kind of a book!

I loved the story, the characters, and the way it was articulated. As with all his books I’ve read, the story is pretty much airtight, although there are some bits where you think, hang on, how does that work. But that might be me not reading it properly. But due to its intricate and detailed intertwining nature, you can’t expect anything less from Ludlum. At the end of the book, you still have some thought about whether so and so has forgiven this other person (I don’t want to spoil it), and that’s what I love. The character buildup is fantastic, and you feel like you really know what’s going through their minds during certain events.

Yes, there are cliches, I guessed something midway through the book, that turned out to be correct, but again, I think that’s because I’ve read Ludlum’s books before. Being an old book, there are words that will stump you, and some phrases that aren’t supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, but since our views on certain issues in this world at this current point in time differ from those that existed 20-30 years ago, you can’t expect anything different.

Overall impression: one of the best books I’ve ever read! I real captivating jaw dropper that will have you pinned down in your seat until your eyes hurt! A must read for the thriller lovers!


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