Crikey, today is a bit of a wonder!

So, after looking through my feed, having a gander at some of people’s posts, I came across a post written by ‘The Daily Post’, encouraging people to come together and share their site with other bloggers, regardless of what their blog focuses on. Giving it some thought, I decided to put my name out there, reading some very influential and heartfelt posts about real life issues, it was clear to me that I needed to expand my horizons on wordpress, and I’m glad I did! Reading some very touching posts, I wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you to ‘The Daily Post’ for allowing me to post my blog on their ‘First Friday’ post to try and get bloggers more followers and appreciation. This kind of action I thoroughly endorse, and encourage everyone to take part, regardless of followers or how long you’ve been on wordpress, get out there and explore the world of wonder, because it seriously is a massive eye opener!

I would also like to add my personal thanks to Michelle W., The Daily Post for giving me support on this project! As always, everyone’s words of encouragement is much appreciated and highly valued!

Here is the link to those that are interested!


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