Do you ever get that feeling…

I’m back at Uni now (actually came back on Monday) and obviously, haven’t done any writing since I was at home, which is a shame, but I do have some more assignments and an exam to prepare for (yeah I know, one exam!….£9000 a year ay…actually, I don’t give a sh*t about that since I chose to be here).

Anyway, I woke up this morning, thinking about my book, and the series, specifically, the next instalment, ‘Arrows of Fire’, which is a long time coming I’m afraid (need to finish ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’ and a side story….yeah, need to talk about that). But, for all my writing fans out there, do you ever get that feeling of melancholy when you think about what’s going to happen, but realise where you are, and how far and long it will take to get to that point? It’s a strange feeling, because between now and then is a wonder of thoughts and ideas, and awesome scenes of writing, and lots and lots of endeavour, which is absolutely wonderful, and mind racking (racking my brain).  Some people might read this and think ‘no, what the hell is this kid on about’ and then hits that horrible unfollow button (please don’t do that 😛 ), but for those that do understand it, you see where I’m coming from?

I hope so, I’m at that point now, where I’m thinking ‘should I or shouldn’t I start writing up the storyboard for the next book’.

Comment below with you thoughts. It would be enlightening and interesting to see what you think.


2 Replies to “Do you ever get that feeling…”

  1. I’m unfollowing this post is uninspiring. 😀

    I have a short story that is basically completed as far as the ideas are concerned, yet haven’t typed it up. Every time I think about doing it, I think of a different story I would prefer to work on. Not that the untyped one is bad or anything, I just know how long it will take, so prefer to work on a less flushed out idea.

    Maybe I’ll play with it today, you inspired me after all. Guess I’ll follow back. 😀

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