The debate in my head, a spider’s web of ideas

So as an idea, to perhaps ‘pad-out’ the ‘Right of Legions’ series, I thought it would be quite a cool idea to write short side stories of important characters, who are important, but not extensively talked about. This would certainly add to the main plot, making people have that all-ever I finally understand and figured it out moment when we realise something ‘oooh yeah’ is what we usually say. Plus, it adds a certain (or many) different aspects and perspectives to the main plot, kind of like a spider’s web. You’ve got the central hub in the middle, with lots of little tangents adding to it, making up the entire web. To me, the task and decision is ambitious and appealing. The big debate is, who do I start with first? For those who have been following this blog, will realise how many characters there are, and how many that haven’t been mentioned yet….

so, lets start a new series of blogging posts, each with a different character profile (note: will not be any of the main family members)


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