Integer – An excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

Across the Faraday sea lie the eastern lands of Integer. The hotter, varied topographic and diverse lands hold many secrets in every community. Secrets not understood, and legends only told by the wisest of wise men. The lands were lush with rich harvests and vast green fields. Ruled mostly by the Ghadia’s, the isolated landscape is protected by the remaining three powerful families. The eastern region had seen many battles and wars over the centuries, some of them resulting in illustrious victory, some resulting in catastrophic defeat; there is no doubt that the eastern region is tainted by bloodshed and horror. It no longer resembles it’s past, now, Integer is a land full of hard working and committed people, ruled by powerful families and authorities.
The capital of the region, Integer city, was built centuries ago at a time of great slavery and greed. Located in the middle of the region, it’s towering central castle, and limestone buildings are a landmark for a safe haven, riches, and competition. Blocks of houses, tightly packed together within a small vicinity of one another, are inhabited by large and ever growing families. The streets of Integer are constructed from rough, uneven cobblestone, topped with a layer of forever present dust, which made living around the worker’s streets unbearable. Family sizes range from at least three, stretching to ten children, many of whom are tainted and plagued with deadly diseases. The worker’s street are dangerous places, countless numbers of pickpockets, aggression, beating, and sex workers, the poverty stricken part of town is swept away by the avaricious family Ghadia. The issue of the worker’s town is always ignored in council meetings, many state that trying to restore order and stability is a ‘lost cause’, in truth, the Ghadia’s want to spend their money accordingly, either on their army, or for themselves. The slave trade was abolished many years ago during the Guardian Age, until the Ghadia’s rebelled against them to regain independence. The corrupt house won the war and took back control of their lands, and in turn, took control of the people, the majority of which work as slaves to serve the monarchy.
Away from the slums and worker’s towns that riddle and rage within the city walls, lies the central castle and home of the Ghadia family. The castle is a combination of spiralling towers, with a large central column, where the most important occupants live. The castle itself is blocked from the rest of the city by its’ own walls, which stand high above the slum towns. Dotted around the wall are guard towers which ensure no imposter or conspirator enters the castle grounds. The only way into the unnerving castle is through the main, or side gates, protected by squads of highly disciplined soldiers, whose loyalty to the house are so high, they swear themselves to silence for the rest of their lives. Of course this regulation is impossible to enforce day-in, day-out, the authoritarians cannot constantly watch the soldiers whilst fulfilling their own duties. The soldiers are kept in check by their own peers, they sleep together, they eat together, and they guard together, becoming a soldier for the Ghadia’s, turns a free man a slave.

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