The bonk (a cyclist term) but for writers

I’m write in assuming that fellow writers who will read this, experience something called ‘the bonk’ or ‘the wall’. For runners who are writers, or vice versa, or cyclists who are writers, or vice versa, will know what I’m talking about. It’s something that happens that you’ve exhausted all your energy, and can’t go on (runners, for you, the wall you can break through, but for cyclists, the bonk is…well think of the worst pain you’ve had, convert it to muscular that runs throughout your legs, and on a completely empty stomach, and you still have 6 miles left to ride…up a hill, without water, or food, or money to buy stuff…yeah, horrible!) For writers, the bonk is something that (should be given a different term) is where you’re writing and BANG, no more ideas surrounding that scene. This happened a couple of times in the last chapter I wrote. So, what do you do, move on to the next chapter with a fresh set of ideas and new scene. It’s a frustrating thing, because you may be well into writing, getting into the zone, finish a sentence, then realise that there’s nothing left in that brain of yours, except emptiness and the need for a cuppa. Then you look back over what you’ve written, only two pages…BUGGER! Oh well, time for a break and a cuppa and a biscuit…fixes pretty much everything!

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