100 Days of Watercolor: Artist Soo Nathan Aims to Conquer a New Medium


With watercolor, “you have to place a little more trust in the medium itself,” writes Soo Nathan, but that doesn’t always come easy for the artist, writer, and designer from India. For months, Soo neglected her blog, and as it gathered dust, she realized she needed to get back into the habit. “There’s something a bit escapist about art,” she writes. “I had left these sanctuaries forgotten for too long.” With her 100 Day Project, Soo dives back in and takes on watercolor. Here are some of her daily creations.

Day 27: Orphan Black?s Sarah Manning

Orphan Black is my favorite TV show. It is, in my opinion, one of the smartest and most nuanced televisions series ever made, dealing with complex issues like the moral and ethical implications of human cloning, along with family, personal identity, and the lines between science, religion, and their effects on…

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