My recent absence from wordpress and writing…a hiatus

So some people may have noted my recent absence on wordpress, this is partly because I’m revising for my exam (singular) and it’s coming up to the zenith of the cycle season, plus, I’ve been planning my dissertation, which I’ve been focusing my efforts on and prioritise. This has meant I haven’t done much writing recently, which I feel very bad for, so I’ll try and get back on it after next Wednesday when I have officially finished 2nd year! Whoop!

At the moment, in terms of book progress, we’re still in Integer, with lots of revealing stuff going on, which is relatively fun to write, but mind wracking since I need to make sure everything is coherent! I do miss writing fight scenes at the moment, so maybe should hurry up and get to some!

Anyway, here’s to another reminder of the competition giveaway!

“I know I said a few posts back that I’ll be doing a giveaway at 100 followers, but that might not be for a very long time, and have got myself excited to make some cool stuff (t-shirts). So, as a way to speed things up, I’m posting this to try and encourage people to follow my progress, as it means a lot, AND, would like to think I offer some sort of inspiration!

So, if you’re interested in having a chance of getting a t-shirt, hit the follow button (as I’m only offering this to the first 100 followers), then, I will post a series of questions of which you have to answer. First person to get them right, gets the t-shirt!

PLUS! You get to choose your t-shirt design, as I have a great many things to offer! So defo worth it, since they’re bespoke and not mass produced!

Get on it people!”


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