I’m back home for the summer, and things are looking up for the best!

Like the post title says, I am back for the summer, and yes, things are looking for it to be a fantastic break, and no just for writing ‘Right of Legions’. As a quick rundown as to why things are looking up, here are some reasons, 1. got home yesterday, had a job interview today, and start work on the 5th June! Fabulous! 2. I have now finished 2nd Year of Uni, with a great exam! Brilliant! 3. I now have more time to write the book! Epic! 4. I’m home and cycling here is so much better than Southampton! Awesome! 5. I am now starting my dissertation and am so excited to get writing and process data! Huuurrrraaaahhhh!

So, yeah, things are looking to be absolutely fantastic for a great summer break! Stick around for more WordPress posts in coming weeks! 😀

Also, check the link for the competition giveaway. I’m at 50 followers now, lets get to 100 by end of July!




3 Replies to “I’m back home for the summer, and things are looking up for the best!”

  1. Congrats on beating your second year of college! I’m wrapping up my fourth in the fall, so I know how much dedication it takes.
    also, from reading your posts, it sounds like you have an awesome world you’ve built. Keep up the good work, friend!


    1. Thanks man! It’s really nice to hear from people offering positive feedback! These words mean a lot, and hope that you’ll follow the progress in the months/years to come! And good luck with your exam marks! 🙂

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