Inspiration around every corner

It’s amazing what things you find locally that offer so much inspiration to ones writing. I say this because, yesterday I went to my local town called Wells in my homeland of Somerset (UK – not to be confused with Somerset, US). And there was something that I had never been to before, a place called ‘Bishop’s Palace’. Now, for those of you who are familiar with the film ‘Hot Fuzz’, almost all of that was filmed in Wells. ‘Bishop’s Palace’ is a large and very tranquil palace set in the middle of the smallest city in the UK, with a rather large moat around it. Within the palace are several sets of gardens and the most beautiful stone work and masonry I’ve seen since I went to China and Mongolia.  The actual buildings are made with the local limestone, and the upkeep of them has made the walls look immaculate! The windows too! It was just a very, very nice place to have a cuppa (a very English thing to do to my non-UK followers). I only saw the outside of the palace, unfortunately, but still, it got me thinking that I need to describe places like this in my book, and more of them.

Thinking the other day, whilst reading ‘Game of Thrones’, my world is pretty sparse and simple, with boring words for places, and not many of them. In addition to this, there needs to be more families. You can see how much editing I’ll need to do once the first draft is finished! And all of this thinking from going to a place I’ve never been before! It’s funny how things come into your head when you go to places you’ve never been before, and realise how you can intertwine thoughts and ideas into making a broader more intricate picture!

So, my suggestion to those that struggle with inspiration, go to a local town or village or city, and wonder around, don’t take a map (or maybe do, might end up somewhere dodgy), and just look around and see what you find, it may surprise you! On that note, followers will be happy to hear that my ‘Writer’s Block/Bonk’ has gone, with thanks to the little trip yesterday, and continuing my progress with ‘Game of Thrones’.

I need not be worried!

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