Not something I post everyday, but had to because I liked it (especially liked it)

So, I’m back in the flow of writing right now, and writing about a long journey from the Southern to the Central Reaches of Pravum, of course, there is a lot of description. But, I especially liked this one, for reasons I can’t explain, so, I’ll post it up here to see what everyone thinks! Enjoy!

Once the cavalcade had cleared the moors, they then entered the Lyntherian Forests. It took an entire day to clear the densely packed maze of oak, spruce and birch and pine trees, whose branches had become so entangled, it was almost a small replica of the Deep Woods in Integer. The forests, although scary, dark, and intimidating, offered comfort to those that respected nature and her beauty. Common people would look at the forests in two ways. One sending frightening and chilling vibes through one’s spine, the second, offering comfort and safety amongst the branches and leaves, mostly the great salix trees, that towered above all the others. Whose thin smooth, white branches hung from the top, and falling all the way to the ground, creating a circular wall around the trunk. The circular wall of branches made by the great salix is used by many animals for mating, and raising new-borns, particularly the dragons of the Southern Reaches. Quite often, the Guardian’s would find their dragons sleeping under the safety of the great salix, their massive bodies curled around the trunk. Within the centre, in the small space between the dragon and the trunk, would be the young, new-born dragons. Their eyelids protecting them from the sun’s intensity.

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