Being artistically inept, the joys of clipart!

There is evidence of when I used to be very good at drawing, but I’m talking about drawings that are quite old (we’re going back to late primary/early secondary school here). This is one of the things that’s slightly annoying about writing a book, is drawings and covers, the little things. So, being artistically inept in that sort of sense means that I have to use more of my imagination to try and use the materials available to create pieces of artwork that fit the book. Thank you clipart! A lot of you maybe thinking right now, ‘what a fake!’, but seriously, trust me on this one! Because I’m quite good at photoshop, I take what I can (stuff that can be moderated and used for commercial use, so I’m not breaking the law), and manipulate it into something better. For instance, the sigils/emblems I’ve been posting recently, the crown, and my book covers. I take what I can get, and make it better. Of course, it would be even more better if I could draw, but I can’t and don’t have the time to do it, unfortunately (and I’m not giving up cycling or my degree). In coordination with this, I also use things like microsoft shapes in powerpoint to make sigils/embems, so kind of drawing.

When I release my book cover for ‘Blood of the Sea’, you’ll understand what I mean further, because that cover (in my opinion) is something else! And yes, I used things that can be used commercially, and yes, I did use photoshop…but that brilliant program also helped me create the ‘Right of Legions’ title logo. And that turned out okay right?

Also, reminder about the competition giveaway! 100 followers people, I really want to make some shirts, and in your own ‘Right of Legions’ design too!


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