The ‘val stallions’ of the Uyllisian Plains

The city and stronghold of Praevalidus has many meanings and attributes and powers. Praevalidus is Latin for ‘great’, which is a profound understatement for what is found there and the family that are in-charge of the city and stronghold, the Fermatas. In the common tongue in Faraday, Praevalidus means three things. Prae is a word for peaceful, val is strong and great, dus is fearless. The Fermatas, known as the peaceful, the strong, and the fearless, were the first to tame the first dragons of Integer, almost four-hundred-years ago, before that, they rode the famous val stallions, a horse like no-other, and still do.
Only found in the Southern Reaches, in the Uyllisian Plains and the outskirts of the Lyntherian Forests, the val’s are acclimatised to the warm, hot weather of the south.  The vals are equipped with huge, muscular legs, the largest measuring two metres, and a small streamlined body, making their galloping the quickest and swiftest in all of Pravum, but turning sharply at high-speeds is notoriously difficult for them to handle, due to the enormousness of their legs. They’re mostly noted for their small, subtle tail, made of coarse hairs, usually tangled and messy. Their manes are short, coarse and stubby, and not very comfortable to stroke when riding. All the vals are light in colour. The majority of them are light brown and dark yellow, however some, the most powerful and ferocious, are light grey. All the vals have black manes and tails. The grey vals were once rare in the Uyllisian Plains, but once, after many, many attempts to tame them, because of their aggressiveness and speed, the Fermatas and Praevalidus Guards finally tamed some, and made them abundant by careful breeding in Praevalidus. Only the grey vals are used by the high ranking officers of the Imperium and the Fermatan family.
Although aggressive and stern in nature, the vals are also extremely shy. The only times when their true nature emerges, like any other animal, is when their private space is invaded and feel that intruders are a threat to their young. They are extremely loyal and protective of their young, but since the Fermatas and Imperium Guards started breeding them, have become very loyal and protective of their owners. The vals dwarf every other type of horse and stallion in Pravum, making them very intimidating to any other animal, or person. Their weakness, however, is the cold. Since they’re only found in the Southern Reaches, the cold is the vals biggest threat, since they cannot cope with very cold conditions. When travelling to the Central and Northern Reaches in Pravum, the vals are equipped with thick heavy coats of sheepskin leather, creating a protective overcoat for their travelling. This does, however, have a major disadvantage in battle, since the additional weight means less speed, and the bulkiness of the coat making them less agile, although they still outmatch any other horse in Pravum.

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