The Dythe Mountains

The Dythe Mountains are notorious for being the most dangerous lands in Pravum, and possibly Faraday, on-par with the Deep Woods. Immense mountains that pierced the sky, and continued through the clouds, topped with a constant cap of thick snow and ice. The dense caps have never melted, only grown, then shrunk, to then grown again. The smallest mountain scrapes the highest clouds, leaving a long, thin trail of crystal blue sky where the tip parts the cloud in two. The sides are almost vertical, with shear drops along the Ice Passage, that leads to the other side of Pravum. Thousands of men and women died when constructing the single road through the mountains. All falling thousands of metres to their death. Built into the tough granite sides of the mountain, it’s a constant battle of keeping the passage clear of snow, ice, and falling debris. The permanent granite stone made it an almost impossible task to build the passage, although, when the sky is clear, and the sun shines in the morning light, the quartz and rich ores imbedded in the mountains glisten in the rays, creating a mosaic of colours. Reds from the red granite mountains, blues from the black and blue granite mountains, purples and greens and hints of orange, shine and beam at different parts of the day, when the sun rays shine through the crystals, making a beautiful and mesmerising site, hiding the danger of the place. Within the chasms and ravines and steep valleys lie the Dythe Mountains hidden treasures. A wonder of caves, filled with rich and rare ores and diamonds, enough to reduce a dwarf to tears. The only issue is getting there. Unlike other mountains in Pravum and Integer, the Dythe Mountains create an impenetrable wall of rock. The only way to pass through the mountains is by going up. Within the caves live the Dythe bandits. A population of hardy folk that create havoc and dismay to those that travel through on the Ice Passage.

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