Where I am right now

As some of you may have noticed, is that my activity this month has been immensely quiet, and there are perfectly good reasons for this. Firstly, I have a job, and working full-time hours right now, going down to around 25 a week, because, and this is my second reason, my dissertation take priority. There may be a chance that I will be sharing my progress with that epic piece of work! Thirdly, what I have done so far since the book was last edited, is currently been edited after my girlfriend completely scrutinised it, I mean, ripped it apart. So, as well as those reasons, I’m having to find time for cycling, reading, writing, work, and Uni work (which is priority, I mean, lets face it, it is £27,000 and I would like to get a good mark in it). I will try and get some more posts next month when things have calmed down, since we’re short staffed at work (because Glastonbury festival, and people will illness, which is unfortunate (not Glasto, that can take a nice walk out of Somerset!))

Hold fast people!


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