Latin for ‘devious’ and ‘corruption’, which could not be more true in the world of Faraday. The country has gone through four-hundred-and-fifty years of turmoil, with the most recent activities being the most deviant. A monarchy about to be formed through lies and deceit, kingdoms and legions on the brink of war, the people could not be in a worse position if they tried. The Fermatas, the most noble, proud, and powerful family in Pravum, and Faraday, have given into serving their arch rivals, the Plysters.
Pravum has never had a single leader. Four-hundred-and-fifty years ago, the country was ruled by the Guardians of the Realm, a select group of people, representatives of the most powerful legions, originating from the Fermatas. They ruled for one-hundred-and-fifty years, until their disappearance after the Fifty-years War against Integer, the country across the Faraday sea. Since then, the kingdoms of Pravum were ruled by the most powerful legions, who made allegiances with each other, without no overall leader. Fifty years after the war with Integer, the Knights of Faraday, wardens and protectors of the Realm of Pravum, were established to defend the kingdoms of Pravum from rival legions. For one-hundred-and-fifty years, their presence kept people safe, and legions at bay, until one day, the Plysters decided to take advantage of Pravum’s lack of a single authority, to create a monarchy; the Plysterian. For years, the Plysters acquired momentum and support of their idea for a single leader of Pravum, but at what cost? No-one shall know until the truth is exposed. Kingdoms, and the governing legions, fell to the feet of the Plysters, but the last family, the Fermatas, stand in their way of putting this monarchy in place.
This is the beginning of ‘Right of Legions – A Monarch’s Gamble’.

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