Hunting in the woods

Rae-lyn grabbed the reigns tight and kicked the horse with his heel, prompting it to ride fast. It did as she commanded, and galloped, sprinting in an attempt to catch-up with Rugyard, not losing a single footing, its feet sticking to the ground firmly, getting faster and faster. She was riding down a small, slightly steepened slope, and wasn’t sure whether the stallion would be able to handle the gradient at this speed; her scepticism quickly proven wrong. The stallion threw itself down the slope, its breathing getting deeper, eyes fixated on the ground in-front, meticulously placing its hooves on the firmer bits of dirt and worn-down grass at such a speed, that it was difficult for Rae-lyn to comprehend what was happening. The amateur, yet highly experienced, hunter, sat-up from her saddle, keeping the reigns close and tight, kept her body low and close to the horse’s back, emulating Rugyard’s posture.
The two Guards kept the two, excited and amorous hunters, within eyesight, but not so close as to interrupt with their activities. They also didn’t want to gallop at the same speed into the Rhine woods, since they weren’t participating, but would intervene if needed.
The Rhine woods were a densely-populated area of tall trees, with a medium to high canopy, only allowing but little sunlight to touch the ground; it wasn’t dark however. The trees were tightly packed together, but not so much that it was impossible to gallop between the spaces of the trunks. Thin green leaves, hanging firmly to the branches, were in close proximity of one another, almost creating a blanket over the trees, concealing the ground from the wonders of that lay in the Magnanimous Moors. Some trees were aged, some were small saplings, that would soon be trodden on by the hooves of the four horses that had entered the thick wood. Copious undergrowth was intruding the space on the path Rae-lyn was following, littered with prickly bushes and spiny needles at the end of leaves; but this didn’t faze the determined hunter, she didn’t feel the contact between her leg and the ends of the leaves. All she felt was the blood rushing through her body, the adrenaline pumping inside as she dashed through the woods, her mind hungry for a clean and impressive kill.

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