The day didn’t feel the same to Isaac. A lot of things had happened over the past two weeks, but today, he felt empty, like part of his soul had been lost. In some respects, it had. Praevalidus, the great Legion Fermata, rulers of the Southern Regions, were now obliged to serve the Plysters under the new monarchy that would be initiated within the next half a year. It had been a roller coaster for him. The weeks and months leading up to him signing the treaty with the quill that had been passed down to him by his father had been a constant battle against stress and inadequate planning. But the endeavour had paid off somewhat, with the Plysters gaining very little from the treaty they had signed with the Fermatas, and the latter keeping what they believed was the most important thing to fight for during the deliberations, their sovereignty.
Only time will tell whether the treaty will bind Pravum together.

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