The prancers

In the perpetual lands of Integer, the casta stallions, a breed of horse only found in the Casta lands of Integer, ran and played with each other in the abyss of open land. A local farmer, adjusted his eyes to the morning light, only to see the beauty that was the onset of spring, and the beginning of the mating season for the castas. The look of a casta was almost the complete opposite of a val, with large, rugged and muscular legs, and a very fine, silky light brown coat, topped with a thick dark brown mane, softer than the silks of Crimeare and as strong as the cobwebs made by the spiders in the Deep Woods. The castas pranced and capered on the hill steppe in the crisp, chilled air. Their heads swayed from side to side, sending a perfect waves through their manes, attracting a mate. The castas with the most perfect and elegant manes were the ones who succeeded. A sight to behold for any wandering traveller, thought  the farmer.

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