Cavalcades in the plains

The plains of Integer stretched out before her. She had never in her life seen such a vast landscape, filled with nothing but grass and cascading hills that filled the infinity of nothingness. Her party hadn’t long been travelling. They had left the capital, Integer, to pursue a life of peace in the Free Lands, far to the east. Virtus, the city of strength, and where the esteemed Virtus soldiers were trained, was out of the question. The peaceful city of Crimeare was most likely where they’d go, although, she wished to travel to the lands of Mathyres. Her family had said no, stating it was too far away from civilisation.
She didn’t understand their logic, why leave the capital to find a peaceful life, only to travel to another city over one-hundred miles away? She kept quiet, knowing that her parents knew best. There was a long journey, and many miles to cover still, but she would endure the bumbling along the Caphile lands on her little horse.


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