Moxie – Daily Prompt. Excerpt from ‘A Monarch’s Gamble’

The two investigators made their way into the Record Keep and Library, the silence and composure hitting them like a hammer. The jog turned into a quiet, fast paced walk to Rela’s office. Palt didn’t care about formality and politeness at this point, so instead of knocking, burst into her office. Asheran, slightly stunned, looked around at the Keep before entering.
Rela jumped out of her skin, her focus and tranquillity brutally interrupted, ‘General Palt, do you have any etiquette or basic manners?!’ she said curtly, standing up behind her desk, clenched fists on resting on the blueprints she was drawing, ‘do you want your armies to sink? Because I can make that happen you know! Doesn’t take much to draw a hole on a blueprint!’ she exclaimed, holding up her work.

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