Foods in the woods

‘Take a bite, I promise you won’t die.’ The woman said, growing tired of the persuasion.
‘But it looks so strange, I’ve never seen fruit like this before.’ Replied the man, somewhat sceptical about eating something that didn’t look edible.
‘Hells’ Fire, Josyph! Just take a bite out of the fruit, and see what you make of it! I’ve been eating them all my life, and look how I turned out!’ The woman said, sternly.
Taking the time to glance at the woman, she did in-fact look the part. She was in her mid-forties, or so she claimed to be, although he couldn’t question it, even if he tried. The man wondered how he ended up in this situation in the first place. Initially, he had been chasing a deer across the lands, which then went into the woods. After many hours of pursuing the deer, he gave up, but didn’t realise where he was. That’s when she appeared, out of no-where, holding, what she claimed, was a piece of fruit. ‘I’m still not sure. I’ve only met you, and you already know more about me than some of my friends.’
‘Josyph, I’ve known you for a long time, don’t you remember? We used to play together when we were younger.’
He tried to remember his childhood. Thinking back, he did remember someone he used to play with, but she was older than him, far older, and someone who looked like they didn’t come from the same area. She was wearing tight, purple and red robes, which came down to her thighs, and black, boiled leather trousers and sturdy black boots. On her wrist were a collection of rings that she had acquired over her life.
‘Come on now, you’re hungry, and this’ll do you good.’ She assured.
‘All right then.’
Josyph took a bite, and a few moments later, his vision started to change. His surroundings became wavey and liquidised, until eventually, he collapsed on the floor laughing.
The woman looked at him with an evil smile. ‘The simple ones always fool for it.’ She ¬†remarked, and started carrying him away.

A special Daily Prompt from the next book, ‘Arrows of Fire’.


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