‘A Game of Thrones’ – does what it says on the tin. ‘It’s like an elaborate model, every thing has a place, and all those things create a masterpiece. ‘

I know that many people have posted reviews about this fantastic high-fantasy novel. I don’t need to give a little synopsis about what the book is about, we all know. What I’m going to talk about is the style of writing.

I’ve mostly read books where the narrator is telling the story, rather from the perspective of the characters. The meticulous style of writing ensures that you have a vivid view of what is happening in the scene, and what the character is thinking at the time. You really understand the beliefs and values of the characters, and how they feel at the time, what their thoughts are.

In most books, you get a simple, ‘he/she was sad about such and such’, whereas, in ‘A Game of Thrones’, it’s nothing like that. It’s more, ‘she/he couldn’t stop thinking about such and such, but there was so much going on around him/her, that she/he couldn’t stop and think about…’. It’s this style of writing that really gets me going and motivated to write my book, and that’s  sometimes, all you need to punch through a writer’s block.

The story and world puts my writing into context. Everything, from medicine to the names of castles, to places in Westeros and the beliefs of the people, is so well thought out, it’s like an elaborate model, every thing has a place, and all those things create a masterpiece.

I’m really looking forward to get stuck into the next one, even though I know what happens, reading ‘Game of Thrones’ puts everything into a completely new perspective, a more meaningful one!


The next review will be a book that’s something that, most likely, non of you will have ever heard of or read. It is a book that will change the way we see things in society and mankind, and will probably change your life…forever.


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