Arrival at Mountain Fall

It had been a long enough journey for the cavalcade, especially for the simple soldiers that were alert all day, everyday. Ever since the mighty cavalcade left Praevalidus to head to Mentior, the soldiers and Guards protected the myriad of horses, carriages, advisors, and leaders. It ached their minds, and ached more that they still had another four-hundred miles to go until they reached the capital.
In-between Aromania and the cavalcade stood the Dythe Mountains. Monstrous, mighty, something that only the gods could create, thought a soldier, too tired to admire the grand yet bleak architecture of South Mountain Fall.
She wondered what North Mountain Fall was like, compared to the southern city. She didn’t really know what to come them. Were they cities or gates? They had big gates that separated Ice Passage from the north and south, and that was the whole reason for the construction of the…things. Gate cities, she would call them.
Or were they strongholds?

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