Withal Smyth – the Advisor, Captain, and a lifelong friend

Withal Smyth, a Captain of the Praevalidus Guard, is a illustrious, loyal, trustworthy, and witty friend and advisor of Isaac Fermata, and one of the most disciplined students ever to have graduated from the Tower of Imperium. Streaky black hair, chiselled face, dark emerald piercing eyes, sharp nose, and built stature, he’s quite the looker around the city and Stronghold. The two of them grew up together in the city, and built a friendship that would last a lifetime. His commitment and devotion to Praevalidus, the Fermatas, and the Imperium is unquestionable, although, quite so often, he can be found at the local brothel, against Praevalidus Guard regulations, having a bit of chill out time. Through a lifetime of training and seeing battles, his skill and experience in war and combat is legendary and indisputable! Definitely someone to have by your side. His welcoming and laid-back, yet stern, attitude, makes him an approachable character, whatever situation or position you’re in. Raised by his parents, along with four other siblings, he decided from a young age that he wanted to join the Imperium. His mother was an advisor to Isaac’s father, his father, a blacksmith in the Forgemaster’s Tower.


Andlow Lirtha – The Advisor of the World

As chief advisor to the Ghadia family, Andlow Lirtha is the most considerate and apprehensive persons in the world of Faraday. The caring nature makes him the most comforting person to go to when in need of advice or sanctuary. Swearing a life of chastity, Andlow has no experience of engaging in sexual activities with men or women, but leads a life of tranquillity and endeavour. Although he walks with elegance and calmness, his mind is a torrent of ideas and complications, mostly that of serving the King of Integer. There has been many a moment where he has been in need of solitary confinement, locking himself from the mad world that is the land of Integer; he prefers to work alone when assigned tasks to fulfil for the king. The Free Lands of Integer mean that there is much to control, and as the king’s primary advisor, the weight on his shoulders is more than his colleagues, but his mind still thinks rationally while serving the Dominant Lion.

Anton Darus – the wisest of mages

The Head Principle of the Tower of Mages, Anton Darus is a wise and cunning man, who’s kindness and considerateness knows no bounds. 56 years of age, he has seen many events and been involved in many activities. The black mage in the Tower made him stand out, which over the years, proved to be very influential and dominant, toning down the xenophobic, disparaging, and presumptuous attitude of the old Tower of Mages. Tall and slender, almost without muscle, the mage has a small concave scar across his right cheek, disrupting the smooth black skin. His hair is thick and brown, which lightly touches the tops of his shoulders when it’s not tied up. He ha striking green eyes that dig into your mind when he glares at you, but reassure you when his advice is most welcome. As one of the chief adviser’s to the leader of Praevalidus, you wouldn’t know it due to the calm and composed nature of his character. Upon meeting the Mage, you’d think he was your very caring grandfather, who lives a life of tranquillity, but that is far from the truth. Yes, he is like your caring grandfather, but a grandfather that likes to assert his stance when necessary, someone who doesn’t stop working, and, someone who likes to have a little fun at the local brothel from time to time; although in secret. As Head Principle, he is obliged to set and example, and prohibited from engaging in any sexual activities, but he does what he wants, ‘Life is too short to live in obligation’. The wise character of his influenced by his childhood and upbringing. A turbulent and treacherous time, travelling from a far land, to end up in one of the greatest and most powerful cities in Faraday. Daunting for anyone.


Just a shame I suck at drawing!